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TRIKOTSCHLAUCH Bind 6 cmx4 m, 1 pcs

TRIKOTSCHLAUCH Bind 6 cmx4 m, 1 pcs


Manufacturers: NOBAMED Paul Danz AG

PZN: 01410875

Dosage: Binden

Content: 1 St

Reward Points: 124

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TRIKOTSCHLAUCH Bind 6 cmx4 m, 1 pcs

Instructions for use for TRIKOTSCHLAUCH Bind 6 cmx4 m, 1 pcs


Binding the 4Mx6cm jersey (pack size: 1 pc) can be purchased in your mail order pharmacy

Manufacturer:  NOBAMED Paul Danz AG, Höltkenstraße 1-5, 58300 Wetter

General information on binding 4mx6cm jersey

Triking hose 4Mx6cm bind is a quality product of our shipping apotke

Triking hose 4Mx6cm binding belongs to the area of the association articles. This means that the 4Mx6cm binding tube hose is one of the classic medical devices that you can buy cheap from us.

Meaning of association materials

Associations play a central role in the healing process of wounds and injuries.

For the private household, you should have enough associations in the house for effective first aid. For the association box in the car, certain associations for supplying first aid are even mandatory, as well as for the first aid cabinet in the company environment.

In addition to associations for the initial care of wounds, there are various other types of associations whose shape, material and size depend on the respective area of application. Therefore, when using the 4mx6cm tube tube binding, make sure that the uses specified. Depending on the material, shape and size, associations serve to stop wound bleeding (wound association), prevention of mechanical stress (support association, fixing bandages), to protect the wound (protection association) and to protect against heat or cold or UV light (e.g. rescue ceiling) . For the use of binding 4MX6CM jersey, you should therefore pay attention to the manufacturer -sided application recommendations. You can usually already find basic information about the 4MX6CM jam hose. Dimensions of the association can often be found in the product name.

Binding advice on the 4mx6cm journeys

Would you like to bind Triked hose 4mx6cm from us online and still have questions about its product properties? Then we are happy to answer professional answering.

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