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About us

BBOX LP (Ireland) provides agency services for the search, procurement and processing of procurement requests for medicines from Germany. Medicines are delivered by German pharmacies registered in Germany and operating under license from DIMDI Deutschland-Europa-Welt-Web-Eintragung.

BBOX LP is not a pharmaceutical company.

BBOX LP acts as an intermediary between healthcare providers and pharmacies, offering services for finding, purchasing and delivering medications. However, it's important to note that BBOX is not a pharmacy itself.

One significant difference between BBOX LP and pharmacies is the regulatory oversight. While pharmacies are regulated by state or national pharmacy boards, which establish medication dispensing and patient safety standards, BBOX LP is subject to Ireland's regulatory framework for the drugs it works with.

Another difference is that BBOX LP has a limited scope of operations within specific countries or regions, whereas pharmacies typically serve local communities. BBOX LP provides agency services for the search, procurement, and processing of procurement requests for medicines from Germany, which are delivered by registered German pharmacies.

In contrast, pharmacies operate within a specific geographic area and provide a range of healthcare services, including directly dispensing medications to patients. Both BBOX LP and pharmacies play vital roles in the healthcare industry, but there are significant differences between them. BBOX LP facilitates the purchase and delivery of medicines for clients from multiple countries, while pharmacies offer a range of healthcare services and are responsible for dispensing medications directly to patients.

Our main advantages:

All medicines presented do not require a prescription and are dispensed freely in Germany.

In Germany, some medications are classified as non-prescription (over-the-counter) drugs and can be purchased without a prescription. These medications are generally considered safe and effective for use without the supervision of a healthcare provider.

The classification of medications as over-the-counter in Germany is based on their safety profile and the level of risk associated with their use. Medications that are considered safe for self-administration and have a low risk of adverse effects are more likely to be classified as over-the-counter.

Our commissions for our services: