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RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs

RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs

RENACET 475 mg Filmtabletten

Manufacturers: RenaCare NEPHROMED GmbH

PZN: 04103375

Dosage: Filmtabletten

Content: 200 St

Reward Points: 150

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RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs
  • RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs
  • RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs
  • RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs
  • RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs
  • RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs
  • RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs

Instructions for use for RENACET 475 mg film -coated tablets, 200 pcs

Field of use

  • The preparation binds phosphate from food and enables excretion with the chair.
  • It is used to reduce increased phosphate values in the blood.
  • It is used in chronic kidney weakness with displayed dialysis.

Active ingredients / ingredients / ingredients

475 mg calcium diacetate
120.36 mg calcium ion
Carboxymethylar, sodium salt type a auxiliary substance (+)
Crooscarmellosis, sodium salt auxiliary material (+)
Gelatine auxiliary substance (+)
Hypromellic auxiliary substance (+)
Magnesium stair auxiliary material (+)
Corn starch auxiliary substance (+)
Castor oil, native auxiliary substance (+)
Saccharin, sodium salt auxiliary material (+)
Saccharosis auxiliary substance (+)
Apple Aroma Hedge substance (+)


  • The preparation must not be taken:
    • if you are allergic (hypersensitive) against calcium acetate or one of the other components,
    • with low phosphate concentrations in the blood,
    • with increased calcium concentrations in the blood,
    • in the event of increased excretion of calcium, the urine combined with the occurrence of calcium kidney stones,
    • in the case of decalcifying tumors and daughter ulcers in the bones (metastases in the bone tissue),
    • in the case of severe kidney failure without dialysis treatment,
    • in the event of constipation,
    • in the case of known colon narrowing,
    • in the case of abnormal bone cutting as a result of long lack of movement (loungers, wheelchairs).


  • Always take the preparation precisely according to the doctor's instructions. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not quite sure.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, the usual dose is:
    • Adult:
      • for breakfast: 1-2 film-coated tablets
      • for a snack: 1-2 film-coated tablets
      • for the main meal: 2-6 film-coated tablets
      • for dinner: 2-4 film-coated tablets
  • The dosage vary from patient to patient. Since the preparation binds the phosphate out of food, the number of film -coated tablets must be adapted according to the amount of food taken (portion size) and thus the amount of phosphate. (For example, 4 film -coated tablets for breakfast with just a jam bread would lead to a calcium surplus and thus to a risk of increasing the calcium level in the blood. On the other hand, only 2 film -coated tablets can be too little for a rich lunch meal in order to increase the larger phosphate recorded with the main meal bind (not sufficiently effective).
  • Please adhere to the application regulations, otherwise the preparation cannot work as expected!


  • If you have taken a larger amount than you should
    • Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have taken a larger amount than is specified in this package insert or was prescribed by your doctor.


  • If you have forgotten the intake
    • Do not take the double dose if you have forgotten the prior intake. Continue treatment as prescribed by your doctor.


  • If you cancel the intake or end prematurely
    • Please do not change the dosage and do not break the treatment without talking to your doctor about it beforehand.


  • The film -coated tablets should be taken during or immediately after a meal.
  • The tablets have to be chewed and swallowed with a little liquid.

Patient information

  • Particular caution when taking the drug is required
    • Therapy with the preparation requires frequent control of calcium and phosphate levels in the blood. In order to avoid an increase in calcium levels in the blood beyond the normal range, further calcium therapy (e.g. calcium as a nutritional supplement) should only take place after consultation with the treating doctor.


  • Wateriness and operating machines
    • The preparation has no influence on the traffic or operating machines.


  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking all drugs.
  • However, the likelihood of hypercalcemia in pregnant women who also take calcium and vitamin D is increased.


Read the package supplement and ask your doctor or pharmacist for risks and side effects.


- Have blood values check regularly by the doctor

Manufacturer:  RenaCare NEPHROMED GmbH, Werrastraße 1a, 35625 Hüttenberg

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