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-27% HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs

HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs

HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% Ampullen

Manufacturers: Hevert Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG

PZN: 03919821

Dosage: Ampullen

Content: 100 St

Reward Points: 643

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-27% HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs
  • HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs
  • HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs
  • HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs
  • HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs
  • HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs

Instructions for use for HEWEDOLOR Procain 2% ampoules, 100 pcs

Manufacturer's reference
Delivery time: approx. 5 - 7 working days

Field of use

  • The preparation is a medicine for local anesthesia (local anesthetic from the Ester type)
  • It is used in the context of neural therapy principles.

Active ingredients / ingredients / ingredients

40 mg procain hydrochloride
34.65 mg procain
Sodium chloride auxiliary material (+)
Saltic acid 25% auxiliary material (+)
Water, for injection purposes auxiliary material (+)


  • The medicine must not be used:
    • if you are hypersensitive to Procaine, other local anesthetics from the Ester type or one of the other components
    • with a known lack of a certain body's own substance (pseudocholinesterase) with the result of a significantly slowed breakdown of Procain
    • for injection in arteries (arteries), in the surrounding area of the outer shelly of the central nervous system (epidural) or into the vertebral canal (spinal).


  • Always apply the medicine exactly according to the instruction. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not quite sure.
  • The medicine is generally used by a doctor. Please ask your doctor if you are not quite clear about the application.
  • Basically, only the smallest dose can be administered with which the desired sufficient nerve blocking is achieved. The dosage must be carried out individually according to the special features of the individual case.
  • If not used differently from the doctor:
    • Adults and adolescents aged 15 and over with an average body size:
  • Skin square:
    • up to 10 mg in accordance with 0.5 ml injection solution per whistle.
  • The recommended maximum dose with one -in -law use in tissues, from which a quick absorption of drugs takes place, is 500 mg of procain (corresponding to 25 ml injection solution). When used in the head, neck and genital area, the recommended one-page maximum dose is 200 mg procain (within 2 hours).
  • In patients with certain previous illnesses (vascular degrees, vascular hardening and narrowing (arteriosclerosis) or nerve damage in diabetes), the dose must also be reduced by a third. If the liver or kidney function is restricted, increased plasma levels can occur, especially when used. In these cases, a lower dose range is also recommended.
  • Please speak to your doctor if you have the impression that the effect is too strong or too weak.


  • Duration of the application:
    • In principle, the duration of the application is not limited, but observe the information among areas of application.


  • If you have used a larger amount than you should,
    • the treating doctor must be informed immediately.
      • a. Symptoms of an overdose
        • In low -damaging doses, the medicine acts as stimulants on the central nervous system, in high damaging dose areas. Procainhydrochloride poisoning runs in 2 phases:
          • They become restless, complain about dizziness, acoustic and visual disorders as well as tingling, especially on the tongue and lip area. The language is washed out, shaking frost and muscle twitches are harbing of a threatening seizure of the whole body. When the central nervous system is progressing, there is an increasing dysfunction of the brain stem with the symptoms of breathing restriction and coma up to death.
      • b. Emergency measures and antidote are accordingly by the treating doctor
        • the disease signs are initiated immediately.


  • If you have forgotten the application:
    • Do not apply the double dose if you have forgotten the previous application.


  • If you cancel the application:
    • The treatment can be canceled at any time.


  • The medicine is injected into the skin (intracutaneously).
  • It should only be injected by people with appropriate knowledge to successfully implement the respective application.
  • Basically, only low -concentrated solutions from Procain are used when continuously used.
  • A repeated application of this drug can lead to reversible loss of effectiveness due to tachyphylaxis (rapid tolerance development compared to the medicine).
  • The injection solution is only intended for once. The application must take place immediately after the container is opened. Unused remnants must be rejected.

Patient information

  • Warnings and Precautions:
    • if you are at one
      • certain form of muscle weakness (Myasthenia Gravis)
      • Disorder of the cardiac leaders
      • Cardiac muscle weakness or
      • the injection to an inflamed area is to be carried out.
    • Before the application, the applicant will basically pay attention to a good filling of the circulation, carry out careful circulatory monitoring and have all measures for ventilation, therapy of seizures and for resuscitation.
    • Furthermore, the doctor has to find out from you whether you have an allergic reaction to other drugs that are chemically related to procain, as there can also be an allergic reaction to procain (paragraph allergy). This can z. B. its sulfonamides (certain group of antibiotics), oral antidiabetics (medium in diabetes), certain dyes, X -ray film developers or other means of local anesthesia.
    • If they can only be broken down extremely slowly because a certain body substance is not so active (pseudocholinesterase deficiency), side effects can occur through procaine.
    • When used in the ear, head area there is a higher degree of risk because the risk of symptoms of symptoms in the central nervous system is increased.
    • To avoid side effects, the following points should be observed:
      • In certain cases, create a drip before application.
      • Choose dosage as low as possible.
      • Usually do not use vascular -narrowing addition.
      • Carefully suck in two levels before injection (rotation of the cannula).
      • Beware of injection in infected areas (due to increased absorption with reduced effectiveness).
      • Slowly make injection.
      • Check blood pressure, pulse and pupil width.
    • It should be noted that under treatment with blood clotting inhibitors (anticoagulants, such as heparin), non -steroidal anti -rheumatics or plastic substitutes can not only lead to accidental vascular injury in the context of pain treatment, but that generally has to be expected with an increased bleeding tendency . Therefore, have the relevant laboratory tests carried out before the application. If necessary, the anticoagulant treatment can be discontinued early.
    • Use with simultaneous pension therapy to avoid thrombosis with low -molecular heparin should only be carried out with special care.
    • Children:
      • There are no application experiences for use in children and adolescents under the age of 15, from which general dosage recommendations can be derived.
    • Older people:
      • In older people, dose adjustment is recommended according to the respective general condition.


  • Wateriness and ability to use machines:
    • Let your doctor decide in individual cases whether you can actively participate in road traffic, operate machines or work without a safe hold.


  • Pregnancy:
    • Let the medicine only apply during pregnancy if your doctor it considers it absolutely necessary.
  • Still -time:
    • Procainhydrochloride transferred to breast milk. In the event of short -term application, however, breastfeeding will not be necessary. If repeated treatment or treatment with higher doses is required, you should wean.


Read the package supplement and ask your doctor or pharmacist for risks and side effects.

Manufacturer:  Hevert Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. K, In the Weiherwiese 1, 55569 Nussbaum

Medicines Reviews

VISEE Jean-Paul
Perfect Neuraaltherapie!!!
Wolf-Marko Salder
I am very happy with it!
Regina Hof-Jonek
Very good product. A procaine that you are on the safe side with, as it contains no preservatives and therefore the risk of allergies is low. Been using Hevert stuff for 20 years. I would like a larger pack.
Affordable pack size. Perfect for hives treatment. Very positive due to the ampoule form, as no preservatives are necessary. I have been using it for years with great satisfaction.

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