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-33% SEDARISTON Concentrate hard capsules, 30 pcs

SEDARISTON Concentrate hard capsules, 30 pcs

SEDARISTON Konzentrat Hartkapseln

Manufacturers: Aristo Pharma GmbH

PZN: 04991772

Dosage: Hartkapseln

Content: 30 St

Reward Points: 79

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-33% SEDARISTON Concentrate hard capsules, 30 pcs
  • SEDARISTON Concentrate hard capsules, 30 pcs
  • SEDARISTON Concentrate hard capsules, 30 pcs

Instructions for use for SEDARISTON Concentrate hard capsules, 30 pcs

Sedariston® concentrate hard capsules

Active ingredients: dry extracts from St. John's wort and valerian root.

Field of use:
For the supportive treatment of slight temporary depressive disorders with nervous unrest and nervous sleep disorders. Contains lactose. Note leaflet.

Read the package supplement and ask your doctor or pharmacist for risks and side effects. (As of September 2019)
All rights reserved: Aristo Pharma GmbH, Wallenroder Straße 8–10, 13435 Berlin

In stressful situations against inner restlessness and nervousness - with Sedariston®

Whether in private or professional life: almost nobody is spared stressful life situations. In the ubiquitous performance society there is pressure, the career, in everyday family life Or in leisure time. But dealing with such stressful situations is different - and we can do a lot ourselves to emerge from it. Next Relaxation exercises and strategies for relief and inner strength, there is also effective help from nature. A combined treatment with vegetable drugs that are also Soothing and atmospheric, such as the antidepressant sedative Sedariston® Concentrate can help to find inner strength back.

What is Sedariston®?

Sedariston® - The vegetable formula for internal strength:
• calms the nerves
• promotes falling asleep
• It has a mood -enhancing

Sedariston® helps effectively in stressful situations and naturally with good tolerance

With continued stress or in a temporary life crisis, Sedariston® has proven itself with the plant components against inner restlessness - and that has been Decades. The capsules contain a unique combination of valuable plant extracts, from St. John's wort and valerian. Their two-phase effect helps in difficult phases of life, in Strong stressful situations to remain strong and stable or to become. After just a few days of taking be noticeable inner strength. The effectiveness and tolerability of the plant -based drug Sedariston® have confirmed clinical studies.

When is Sedariston® used?

With its optimally dosed vegetable ingredients, Sedariston® covers a wide range of stress -related symptoms.

Many symptoms - a therapy approach:

• sleep disorders
• inner unrest
• fatigue
• nervousness
• irritability
• concentration disorders
• mood swings
• Delegation, exhaustion
• Stress with burnout similar symptoms
• Easy temporary depressive moods

When can you expect a relief of the symptoms? With its special combination of medicinal plants, which also develop their special effects, Sedariston® leads to a so -called cascade effect. A calming effect can Use it after a few hours. Nervousness and inner restlessness decrease and the tension loosens, we can fall asleep again. Developed after one to two weeks Sedariston® then its effect as a mood. We dare to do more, are more motivated and can be our inner strengths. So that life is more joy.

Is Sedariston® Well tolerated?

Yes, Sedariston® contains purely vegetable active ingredients and is well tolerated. The effectiveness is clinically proven. The performance of the patients remains fully preserved because the Affected on naturally gain more inner strength and can therefore be stable in stressful phases of life. Sedariston® concentrate keeps performance and power over not tired the day1. It Agieves mood and constant stress and overload. The inner unrest and depression -like signs can thus be conqueredn.

Who can take Sedariston concentrate and how is it to dose?

• Children from 6 years: 1x1 hard capsule daily, the capsule can be opened and, for example, stir in yogurt. The application should always be carried out by the parents.
• Adults and adolescents from the age of 12: 4x1 or 2x2 hard capsules daily

Detailed instructions for SEDARISTON Concentrate hard capsules, 30 pcs

Field of use

Vegetable drug for calming down.

Active ingredients / ingredients / ingredients

50 mg valerian root dry extract, (4-7: 1), extractor: ethanol 60% (m/m)
100 mg of St. John's wort dry extract, (5-7: 1), extractor: ethanol 60% (m/m)
Chinoling elbing auxiliary substance (+)
Iron (III) oxid auxiliary material (+)
Gelatine auxiliary substance (+)
Indigocarmin Hedge Terms (+)
Lactose 1-water auxiliary substance (+)
Magnesium stair auxiliary material (+)
Maltodextrin auxiliary substance (+)
Sodium dodecylsulfate auxiliary substance (+)
Silicium dioxide, high disperser auxiliary substance (+)
Titan dioxide HILDBOFT (+)
Water, cleaned auxiliary material (+)


The medicine must not be taken:- if they are hypersensitive to St. John's wort, valerian root or one of the other components
- if the skin is well known, the skin is well known
- with severe temporary depressive disorders

 The medicine must not be taken together with the following active ingredients with:
- Ciclosporin
- Tacrolimus
- Indinavir and other protease inhibitors in the anti-hiv ("AIDS") treatment
- Irinotecan, imatinib and other cell growth medication for cancer treatment
- other antidepressants


Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, the usual dose is: children from 6 to under 12 years: total daily dose: 1 hard capsule in the morning or in the evening
Young people from 12 years and adults: total daily dose: 2 times 2 hard capsules or 4 times 1 hard capsule treatment duration: To achieve the desired effect, an application is usually required over several weeks.
The duration of the application is not in principle limited for this medicine; However, if the disease signs persist for more than four weeks or intensify despite the proper dosage, a doctor should be consulted. Overdose: So far, no acute poisoning by St. John's wort preparations in humans have been reported. When taking significant overdoses, affected patients should be protected for a period of 1 - 2 weeks from sunlight or from UV radiation. The side effects described can occur more. If you have significantly overdosed this medicine, you should consult a doctor.
Forgotten application: Do not take the double dose, but use the intake or application as stated in this package insert or was prescribed by your doctor. Discharge: Treatment can be interrupted or ended because the discontinuation is usually harmless. If you have any further questions about the application of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


Take the capsules with a little liquid. The intake should take place as regularly at the same time. In the case of stomach -sensitive patients, the intake should take place or after eating. In particular, the treatment of mild depressive disorders with sleep disorders should be supported, the last administration should be carried out about 1/2 hour before going to bed.

Patient information

Special caution when taking it is necessary: With simultaneous use, the effectiveness of anti-blood clotting means from the Cumarin type (phenprocoumon, warfarin), theophylline and digoxin can be weakened. Therefore, it may be necessary for the dosage of these medicines tomust be fits. Patients who also take medicinal products with one of these active ingredients should therefore be able to obtain the advice of their doctor treating them in intensive UV radiation (long sun baths, high-heights, solariums). At the same time this medicine, bleeding can occur; the safety of the "pill" as a contraception can be reduced. Additional contraceptive measures should therefore be taken. Children:
Due to insufficient examinations, the medicine should not be used in children under 6 years of age. Wateriness and operating machines:
In the recommended intake of up to 4 hard capsules per day, impairments of the reaction capacity are not to be expected. When taking more than 4 hard capsules per day, the drug can change the reaction capacity to the extent that the ability to actively participate in road traffic or to operate machines is affected. This applies to an increased degree in interaction with alcohol. Store drug out of reach of children.  


Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking/using all drugs.


Alternative search terms: depression, burnout, St. John's wort, nervousness, valder calming, sedative, inner unrest, sleep disorders, mood

Read the package supplement and ask your doctor or pharmacist for risks and side effects.


- During the application of the medicine, intensive UV radiation (long sun baths, high-heights, solarium) should be avoided. or to operate machines. This applies to an increased degree in interaction with alcohol.

Manufacturer:  Aristo Pharma GmbH, Wallenroder Straße 8-10, 13435 Berlin

Medicines Reviews

Eike (Gast)
Sedariston was a very good and quick help for stress-related sleep disorders. I will also use it again in the future if I have any problems. It was easy for me to take it and without any side effects.
Conny (Gast)
I've had Sedariston at home for a few months now. The stress at work takes a toll on me mentally and causes sleep disorders and inner restlessness. I try to combat this with herbal medicines. That's how I came to Sedariston and I feel much better with it than without it, I can relax better and find peace better. That's why always Sedariston in stressful times.
Sedariston is great for nervousness and difficulty falling asleep. Sedariston my first choice!!!
Constanze Rühriger
I can't write much about Sedariston. It works as described and I had no side effects. If I need it again, it will be my first choice again.
Sebi (Gast)
I've actually only had good experiences with Sedariston. It works quickly and helps well. I didn't have any side effects. I don't expect anything more and I don't want anything more. 5 stars and gladly again at any time.
Robert (Gast)
For my son, who likes to turn day into night and night into day, I find SEDARISTON concentrate capsules downright brilliant. With a dosage of 1/1/2 - his day/night understanding changed. He now often even goes to sleep on his own without any fuss. We used to have discussions at 11 p.m. And that - even though he had to go to school. A remedy that does not impair your ability to learn - and yet gives you a good night's sleep. The positive side effect is that his school performance has also improved. According to his teacher, he is more attentive and receptive than before. If such an effect also occurs, then it is very satisfying.
Harald Frohnseck (Gast)
At the moment I'm in an extreme low again, the stress at work and private problems no longer allow me to think clearly. I come home in the evening and actually just want to spend a few nice hours with my family, but the constant restlessness doesn't let me go. I can no longer let myself go and enjoy my free time because I only have work on my mind. I've already tried calming teas, but they only bring short-term improvement. Now my brother introduced me to Sedariston and I ordered it. I started taking it as soon as it arrived two weeks ago and so far I can only report positive things. The effect sets in fairly quickly, although you shouldn't expect improvement immediately after the first dose. It takes a while for the effect to take effect. But I am very convinced of the effect. I am significantly calmer and more relaxed and can also sleep better. I'm excited to see what happens next. So far I'm completely satisfied!
Sarah Müller
At the moment it has me firmly in its grip again, the winter depression that returns every year. It usually starts in October, when the days get shorter and it gets wet and cold outside. This oppressive feeling rises up inside me and all I want to do is hide at home. Unfortunately, due to my job, I can't leave the country for a longer period of time and so I have to deal with my winter depression. Over the last few years, Sedariston has become a loyal companion. This makes it much more bearable and the time when the days are so short and dark can be endured much better. Luckily it's already January and the time until spring isn't that long!
Heike (Gast)
My job in the intensive care unit often involves extreme situations. I knew that before I started there. But I wanted to help people and I still enjoy that, but unfortunately the working conditions are sometimes unbearable. After two colleagues were off sick for a long period of time, we are in an absolute emergency and I often have to work double shifts. This eats away at my substance. I almost couldn't sleep anymore, so I looked around for something that would get my restlessness and sleep problems under control and luckily I found it at Sedariston.
Conny Huber (Gast)
I have suffered from exam anxiety for many years. It started early in school that I became really stressed before small exams. Even though I was well prepared and couldn't actually fail, I became extremely nervous and made life difficult for myself. Unfortunately, over the years it didn't get better, it just got worse. I barely managed to get my high school diploma by hook or by crook, but when I was faced with the decision between training and studying, neither was actually possible for me. I took the path of study and looked for ways to conquer fear. That's how I came to Sedariston. Since I started taking it, I can go into exams more relaxed and am no longer so nervous and stressed. After the exams I have no problem taking it off again. I am very happy and grateful!

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