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-25% MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs

MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs


Manufacturers: Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

PZN: 00150768

Dosage: Tabletten

Content: 50 St

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-25% MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs
  • MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs
  • MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs
  • MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs

Instructions for use for MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs

magnerot® Classic N:

Active ingredient:
Magnesium orotat dihydrate 500 mg.

Application areas:
Magnesium deficiency when the cause of sturgeon. d. Musical activity (sturgeon, calf cramps).

You can read the package insert and questions about risks and side effects You your doctor or pharmacist.

Wörwag Pharma GmbH Co. KG,
71034 Böblingen

25 tablets:

Active ingredient:
Zinkorotat 2 H2O 157.36 mg (= 25 mg zinc).

Application areas:
To treat zinc deficiency, provided that they cannot be remedied by usual diet.

Read the package insert for risks and side effects And ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Wörwag Pharma GmbH Co. KG,
71034 Böblingen

magnerot® Classic N
Proven with muscle and calf cramps

• Unique with the organic magnesium orotat connection
• Fast active ingredient release in just 10 minutes 1
• Effective and gently in muscle cramps and tension as a result of magnesium deficiency
• Proven for over 35 years, manufactured in Europe
• gluten and gelatin -free.

Magnesium deficiency effectively and treat gently
Muscle tension In the neck and shoulder, nightly calves Cramps or pain in the thigh in sports span can occur in the different muscle parts With over 90 of the younger adults, there are occasional Muscle cramps noticeable, older people over 65 years of complaint even regularly about cramps and tension 1

There is often a magne behind the unpleasant symptoms lack of lack of 25 of all men and women in German Land do not reach the daily recommended magnesium supply 2 Even a slight lack of the important mineral can Impair muscle function and the susceptibility to strains And muscle fiber tears increase next to cramps, headaches, Twitches (especially eyes or lid twitching) and clamping genes also include sleep disorders, irritability and stressful attacks liability to the typical symptoms of a magnesium lack Magnesium also plays a role in regulating the blood Pressure could therefore be a magnesium deficiency in the long term effects on blood pressure also have one Connection between a magnesium deficiency and calcification seen by blood vessels 8 Will thus be a connection between Magnesium deficiency and diseases of the Heart circulation system such as high blood pressure (arterial hypertension) 8 for efficient and at the same time gentle therapy of muscle and Wading cramps due to a magnesium In the absence of MA for more than 35 years Gnerot ® Classic n proved the medicine Tel treats a magnesium deficiency and can use it to relax the muscles contribute and the muscle function supports Zen Magnerot ® Classic N is well tolerated, individually dosable and for long -term accommodation me suitable.

Medicines with unique Magnesium connection
magnesium Is not the same as a magnesium Current study shows that the type of MA Gnesium connection an important role plays how well the mineral from the body 3 is recorded in a simulation Model of the stomach intestine tract scientists significant differences between different magnesium preparations observed in most of these preparations it is a nutritional supplement Medium, Magnerot ® Classic n, however, is A medicine with the organic verb from magnesium and orotic acid, the so -called magnesium orotat magnerot ® Classic n was rated as very good here Magnerot ® Classic n is characterized its low dosage and therefore good Compatibility.

Application tip
Magnesium not too high It is advisable to take a not too high dose of magnesium. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (warns that many nutritional supplements Means are too high. 4 This can lead to unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea. In addition, taking several tablets per day should be taken be distributed.

So far not ärto be prescribed differently, take 2 magnerot ® Classic n tablets with a little liquid before or at meals. From the second week, it is recommended that 2 to 3 tablets are recommended for refilling the magnesium memory for a week three times a day three times a day. Over the day ver divides.

The duration of the income is not limited in time. Magnerot ® Classic n is balanced by its low dosage and therefore good tolerance.

People, that in work and everyday life strong are required and constantly under power stand, have an increased magn Sium needs 5 stress solves in the body per zesse that need magnesium, In addition, it can lead to an increased divorce of the mineral.

who regularly does sports or body Lich works hard, usually sweats Larger quantities are a lot Lost minerals, including also magnesium to compensate for the increased needs is recommended aimed at the supply of magnesium.

Chronic Diseases
Chronic Diseases such as diabetes, Stomach intestine or heart circulation he Diseases can be with an increased Risk for a magnesium deficiency go 5 also determined the intake ter medication (z b blood pressure lowerer) Can the risk of a magnesium Increase deficiency.

IN THE Advanced AGE
away This increases one age of 65 Risk for a magnesium deficiency This is among other things in the Nachlas sen of the digestive function Different nutrients such as z b ma Gnesium can do this from the body to be taken worse.


For what Does the body need magnesium?

magnesium influences more than 600 body's own enzymes. 7 The mineral also plays in muscle contraction, the communication between the nerve cells as well as a crucial role between nerves and muscle cells and in the heart circulation system. to the most important tasks of magnesium belong

• The regulation of muscle activity and thus the protection against muscle and calf cramps
• the support of muscle function and relaxation
• participation in fat and carbohydrate metabolism
• The support of the normal function of the heart muscle.

Magnesium is also important for strong teeth and bones and plays a role in the physical reaction to stress.

What Are typical signs of a magnesium deficiency?
the Mineral deficiency can be expressed by various symptoms. Typical signs 7 are

• Muscle cramps, especially in the calves and toes
• Tension in the neck and shoulder area
• Overexcitation of the muscles (e.g. muscle and lid twitching)
• Feelings of numbness or tingling in hands and feet
• dizziness and confusion
• Constant exhaustion and fatigue, concentration and poor performance
• Stomach intestinal complaints (nausea, vomiting
• Low body temperature

However, these signs can also be based on other causes, which is why a doctor should be consulted as a precaution.

Are Magnerot ® Classic n tablets also suitable for taking you in pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Pregnant woman Women have an increased need for magnesium, since the mineral is required to develop the unborn child during breastfeeding An even higher magnesium requirement, since the breast milk is given part of the mineral to the baby.

Around Prevention deficiency symptoms such as muscle cramps and painful tension is particularly important during pregnancy and lactation To pay attention to the sium -rich diet Due to its very good tolerance, Magnerot ® Classic n is suitable for covering the increased need that contains the drug Magnesium orotat, an organic connection organic compounds can be easily absorbed by the body. the preparation to one To compensate for magnesium deficiency quickly.

Note Please ask your doctor before taking medicines in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What Is what is special about the active ingredient of Magnerot ® Classic N?
the The special feature of the drug is the unique connection of magnesium and the body's own orotic acid in magnesium orotat is an organi Sche magnesium connection organic compounds can usually be absorbed and used by the body better than inorganic compounds and used so that the body is easily available.

Magnerot ® Classic N can treat a magnesium deficiency as the cause of cramps and tension, which means that it can alleviate muscle cramps and the muscles Relax and support the production takes place in Europe.

Are Are there any other medicines in connection with orotic acid with mineral deficiency?
the Positive properties of organic orotic acid also make the pharmaceutical zinc orotico ® 25 Using the preparation is suitable for the treatment of zinc deficiency States that can be noticeable with increased susceptibility to infect, wound healing disorders and skin diseases such as acne, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Can Are the taking of Magnerot ® Classic n side effects?
Magnerot ® Classic N If the use of the prescription, a well -tolerated medicine can still occur as with all drugs, side effects By taking a high dose of magnerot ® Classic n, there may be soft chairs or diarrhea by reducing the daily dose of such Side effects are dominated.

1 guidelines of the German Society for Neurology (Crampi Muskelkrampf. AWMF guidelines Register No. 030/037. Online Source: https: // www. 037.html, most recently aberu fen on April 14th, 2021

2 Max Rubner Institute Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food (National Consumption Study II. Result report Part 2. Online Source: https: // www. Nvsii_Flatt report_unter_2.pdf, last accessed on 16.03.2021

3 Blancquaert L, Vervaet C, Derave W. Nutrients. 2019; 11 (7): 1663. Result from an active ingredient release test in the laboratory

4 Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BFR) (Saxple Vermen Suggested for Magnesium in Food including nutritional supplements. Online Source: https: // www. STMENGEN ANCHESSEGE FOR MAGNESIUM in food Inclusive food casting agents.pdf, last accessed on April 15th, 2021

5 Leitzmann et al.: Nutrition in prevention and therapy, 3rd edition. 2009

6 German Society for Nutrition (Changes in the Darm Tract. Online Source: https: // www. Veratungs of the stomach intestine tract/, last accessed on April 14th, 2021

7 Marquardt, Maria (Nutrition Physiology of Food. Lehmanns Media 2014

8 Barbagallo M, Veronese N, Dominguez LJ. Magnesium in Aging, Health and Diseases. Nutrients. 2021 Jan 30; 13 (2): 463.

Image sources:, production,,,

Detailed instructions for MAGNEROT CLASSIC N tablets, 50 pcs

Field of use

More energy for strong muscles
Thanks to its unique active ingredient combination, Magnerot® Classic n Magnesium tablets effectively compensates for magnesium deficiency. Nocturnal calf cramp and muscle cramps, which are triggered by a magnesium deficiency, can be quickly eliminated with Magnerot® Classic n. The body can easily relax & get additional energy. The medicine also convinces with its high tolerance and is suitable for long -term treatment. The additional magnesium intake can be useful even with the first calf cramp or muscle cramp.

The optimal magnesium supply for adults & pregnant women

  • Unique combination of magnesium & Orotic acid underand relaxes the muscle
  • Supplies the cells individually dosed with new energy
  • High tolerance - even during pregnancy & breastfeeding (consultation with doctor or pharmacist)
  • Glutenfrei & Gelatin -free
  • For calf cramp /cramps, muscle cramp /cramps

Effectively acts in the case of magnesium deficiency, tension & muscle cramps
Magnesium fulfills numerous tasks in the organism. For example, the mineral supplies the muscles with sufficient energy. Even the heart is dependent on magnesium in order to be able to beat strongly &.
An impending or existing magnesium deficiency is therefore not to be taken lightly. On the contrary: if the body lacks this life-necessary nutrient, there will be health problems sooner or later. A slight deficit is already sufficient and complaints such as painful muscle cramps, excruciating tension or unpleasant eyelid twitching are already inevitable.
Magnerot® Classic N can support here! The special feature of Magnerot® Classic N is its unique connection of magnesium and organic orotic acid. Magnesium orotat is one of the organic magnesium compounds. These are usually better absorbed by the body. Orotic acid also helps to fix the magnesium in the cells.

Magnerot® Classic N for risk groups - combat magnesium deficiency effectively
The need for magnesium can usually be covered with a healthy and balanced diet. The fact is, however, that a good 26 % of men and 29 % of women in Germany suffer from a magnesium deficiency. The reason for this lies in the individual lifestyle and the current life situation.

Athletes & People with physical work
As is well known, sweating is healthy, whether through work or sport. However, a lot of sweating also ensures that a lot of magnesium is washed out unused over the sweat.

Pregnant women & breastfeeding
An increased magnesium requirement can be observed, especially during pregnancy & . Not only because the baby has to be looked after, but also because a lot of minerals are passed on to the baby via the mother cake. Thus, the need for magnesium increases during pregnancy and breastfeeding and a deficiency can occur.

Seniors & Older people
Especially in old age, magnesium is one of the critical nutrients. From the age of 65, the digestive function decreases, it is less eaten & Due to chewing problems, too rarely nutrient -rich foods (fruit, nuts) are rarely on the table.

People with a lot of stress
Those who are permanently exposed to stress have an increased need for magnesium & other vital substances. Because stress is exhausting and costs the body a lot of energy. In addition, the absorption of nutrients is reduced because the organism is set to attack or flight. It gets even worse: because the less magnesium is available, the more stress sensation.

Active ingredients / ingredients / ingredients

500 mg Orotic acid magnesium 2-water
1.35 mmol magnesium ion
32.8 mg magnesium ion
Cellulose, microcrystalline auxiliary material (+)
Crooscarmellosis, sodium salt auxiliary material (+)
Lactose 1-water auxiliary substance (+)
Magnesium stair auxiliary material (+)
Corn starch auxiliary substance (+)
Sodium cyclamat auxiliary substance (+)
Povidon K30 auxiliary material (+)
Silicium dioxide, high disperser auxiliary substance (+)
Talcum auxiliary material (+)


  • The medicine must not be taken
    • in the case of known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or one of the other components of the drug.
    • in the case of severe kidney dysfunction, with a severe form of fatigue of the muscles (Myasthenia Gravis) and when the stimulus system is collapsed (AV - Block).


Application recommendation of Magnerot Classic N tablets (pack size: 50 pc):

The tablets can be taken regardless of the meals Recommended intake with 1 glass of water.
When Initial dose 2 tablets up to 3 times a day.
For the conservation dose, 1 tablet is approximately 2-3 times a day.
The duration of use depends on the symptoms & from the symptoms from dry & at room temperature.
Suitable for long-term intake. Also suitable during pregnancy + lactation after consultation with doctor or pharmacist.


  • The medicine should be taken with a little liquid in front of or at meals.

Patient information

  • Wateriness and operating machines:
    • There are no special precautions required.


  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking/using all drugs.
  • Epidemiological studies on magnesium gift during pregnancy do not suggest undesirable effects of magnesium on pregnancy or health of the unborn child/newborn.
  • The medicine can be taken in the prescription during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Read the package supplement and ask your doctor or pharmacist for risks and side effects.

Manufacturer:  Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Calwer Straße 7, 71034 Böblingen

Medicines Reviews

I have tried several magnesium supplements and have often been disappointed by the side effects. Magnerot is the first product that offers me the benefits I need without burdening me with unpleasant side effects. It's a relief to have finally found a product that is so well tolerated.
Steffen (Gast)
Magnerot CLASSIC N tablets impress with their high-quality magnesium formula and are a reliable choice for supporting magnesium balance. With 1000 pieces, they offer long-lasting care in a practical pack.
Enisa Lediger (Gast)
(...) I'm positively surprised and don't want to have to do without it anymore. My cramps are gone thanks to this preparation! Unique and effective.
Felix Leuscher (Gast)
The effect convinced me!!! Goodbye to leg cramps and tension!! Easy and pleasant to take, no side effects or discomfort. TOP
Sofie (Gast)
Highly recommended for both muscle and calf cramps. We can no longer imagine our medicine cabinet without it. I like to buy a larger pack straight away so that we are supplied for longer.
If you often suffer from calf tension, Magnerot CLASSIC N is a great choice. I bought it on a recommendation and am happy to pass on this recommendation. I also have only good things to say and was surprised at how quickly this product took effect. I hardly have any tension anymore.
Marian Kreuzpaintner
A great thing for tension. The onset of action is brilliant!! You notice improvement really quickly after taking a tablet. I can highly recommend it.
Angelina Groth
It has proven itself to us for over 20 years. My husband really likes to use it for cramps (he does a lot of exercise) and I like to use it for tension. Because it is used so often, we always order a large pack straight away. The price is unbeatable, the effect is great.
Angelika Neuss
Good preparation for all kinds of tension. What struck me as very positive is that the effect becomes apparent very quickly. This is of course very practical in acute cases.
Manuel R.
It helped me a lot with leg cramps. After taking it daily, I no longer have cramps after the second week. Previously they occurred almost daily, often at night.

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