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-20% LACTOBACT AAD Gastroke -resistant capsules, 20 pcs

LACTOBACT AAD Gastroke -resistant capsules, 20 pcs

LACTOBACT AAD magensaftresistente Kapseln

Manufacturer: HLH BioPharma GmbH

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Dosage: Kapseln magensaftresistent

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-20% LACTOBACT AAD Gastroke -resistant capsules, 20 pcs
  • LACTOBACT AAD Gastroke -resistant capsules, 20 pcs
  • LACTOBACT AAD Gastroke -resistant capsules, 20 pcs

Instructions for use for LACTOBACT AAD Gastroke -resistant capsules, 20 pcs

Lactobact® AAD

Foods for special medical purposes (accounted diet) To diet management in antibiotics associated diarrhea

Lactobact® AAD is the probiotic to the antibiotic from the quality leader HLH Biopharma. The use of antibiotics is often an important building block in the treatment of bacterial diseases. However, antibiotics not only have positive effects on our health. Many people have to deal with different complications during or after antibiotic therapies.

Antibiotics not only work against pathogens, but also damage our good intestinal bacteria. The protective intestinal microbioma is damaged by an antibiotic. As a result, diarrhea often occurs, but also stomach complaints and nausea. Patients often do not bring such problems in connection with antibiotic intake, because depending on the antibiotic diarrhea, for example, only 3 to 4 weeks after ingestion can occur.

By taking Lactobact® AAD every 2 hours to the antibiotic, the risk of these health consequences can be reduced. The 5 different probiotic bacterial strains in the product are particularly highly concentrated and specially tailored to the avoidance of diarrhea and the best possible maintenance of the intestinal microbiota.

It is easy to take in the practical capsule shape. Through patented protection of the capsule shell, the probiotic microorganisms get to the intestine undamaged in order to develop their effect.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Detailed instructions for LACTOBACT AAD Gastroke -resistant capsules, 20 pcs

Field of use

Lactobact AAD (pack size: 20 pc) is a food for special medical purposes (accounted diet). For diet management in antibiotics associated diarrhea.

  • High quality probiotic for people aged 8 and over
  • To avoid and relieve the negative consequences of antibiotic therapy
  • Suitable as a travel probiotic
  • Vegetable capsules (gastric juic resistant) - easiest intake
  • Frei of yeast, lactose, gluten and genetic engineering, suitable for vegans

Who should use Lactobact® AAD?

Lactobact® AAD is a high quality probiotic. The product is characterized by a careful selection of the ingredients and a conscientious production.

The preparation has been specially developed for taking during antibiotic therapy. If the human body is affected by a bacterial infection, the doctor often prescribes antibiotics in order to kill the harmful and disease -causing bacteria. Antibiotics are therefore an important discovery in the fight against various bacterial diseases. However, they can also have negative effects, because an antibiotic cannot distinguish between "good" and "bad" bacteria. The natural and supportive bacterial settlement of the body is attacked and the antibiotic not only affects the pathogens, but also attacks the good intestinal bacteria.

In the case of users, diarrhea or constipation can occur and the risk of complications, such as fungal infections, increases. In some cases, these problems do not occur directly, but only several weeks after the actual intake of the antibiotic. Studies show that approximately every third person has experiences with the resulting health problems as a result of antibiotic therapy.

With the help of an in addition to the antibiotic, the greatest negative effects of antibiotic intake can be prevented. By taking good, probiotic bacteria, the settlement of disease -causing bacteria in the intestine is prevented. Lactobact® AAD has been specially developed for this protective function.

For all persons who have to take an antibiotic, experts, such as doctors and pharmacists, recommend taking Lactobact® AAD. If no probiotic was taken during antibiotic therapy, EMPif it is easy to make up for.

Why should I choose Lactobact® AAD?

Lactobact® AAD has a particularly high quality. The ingredients are strictly controlled and unlike most products, potentially harmful filling and ingredients, such as titanium dioxide, are deliberately avoided.

The probiotic bacterial strains used are specially selected because they have very strong properties against the typical symptoms that can arise in connection with the use of antibiotics. Particularly noteworthy is the bacterial stem bifidobacterium longum bb536 which in various studies could achieve above -average results against Escherichia coli and Clostridium difficile. Both are bacteria that trigger diarrhea according to antibiotics. It is to be emphasized that Lactobact® AAD has protection against gastric acid. The vegetable capsule cover is resistant to gastric acid. This ensures that the probiotic bacteria it contains can come alive into the intestine.

If probiotics have no protection against stomach acid, a large part of the bacteria dies before they reach the place of work. You cannot colonize the intestine and your consumption remains without a health effect. If this is the case, even products with extremely high bacterial concentrations have little effect. The probiotic bacteria in Lactobact® AAD are contained in a therapeutically high concentration of 10 billion units per daily dose.

Why probiotics for a healthy intestine?

The intestine is the most important immune organ of humans. He is responsible for about 80% of the immune system. If the intestinal function is restricted, this can have different health consequences for humans.

According to the latest scientific findings, the intestine is colonized by approx. 600 different types of bacteria. These bacteria support our health because they are good bacteria.

Probiotics are products with various bacterial strains that can support our health. Of course, these bacteria are demonstrably occurring on the skin and on all man mucous membranes, such as in the intestine, mouth or genital area.

The properties of the bacterial strains are very different and they support the body in different ways. Depending on how and for what purpose these trunks are combined, a distinction can be made between basic testing tests for different age groups and indication-specific probiotics, e.g. for antibiotic therapy or to reduce increased cholesterol levels.

Properties of Lactobact® AAD

  • Contains 5 probiotic bacterial strains
  • 10 Billion (1 x 1010 colonie -forming units) probiotic bacterial cultures per daily dose
  • Of course free of animal protein, gluten, yeast, lactose and genetic engineering
  • Vegan
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis B5764, Bifidobacterium Longum BB536, Lactobacillus Acidophilus B43640, Lactobacillus Salivarius B6313, Enterococcus Faecium B4598

Lactobact® AAD is recommended for people aged 8 and over.

Active ingredients / ingredients / ingredients

Ingredients of Lactobact AAD (pack size: 20 pc):

Fillers: corn starch, modified corn starch; Bacteria: Bifidobacterium Lactis B5764, Bifidobacterium Longum BB536, Enterococcus Faecium B4598, Lactobacillus Acidophilus B43640, Lactobacillus Salivarius B6313; Capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose; Thickener: Gellan; Separating agent: Magnesium salts of food acids

Nutritional information: per daily dose per 100g
Seat value 15.14kj/ 3.69 kcal 1700kJ/ 410 kcal
Protein 0.04 g 3.8 g
Carbohydrates 0.76 g 84.6 g
Fat 0.04 g 4.6 g


In the case of known hypersensitivity to one of the above -mentioned ingredients, this product should not be used.


Recommended consumption of Lactobact AAD (pack size: 20 pcs):

Take 2 capsules with half a glass of water once a day. A distance of at least two hours between taking the antibiotic and Lactobact® AAD is optimal.

Tip: durable up to two years! Is ideal for constant consumption because of the purely biological composition. Suitable for consumers who do not like or tolerate dairy products. Suitable for diabetics and food allergy sufferers.


Lactobact® AAD is a supplementary diet. The food is to be applied under medical supervision and stored outside the range of small children. Suitable for people aged 8 and over. Not suitable for use as the only source of food.

Manufacturer:  HLH Bio Pharma Vertriebs GmbH, on the Steinocken 5, 58802 Balve

Medicines Reviews

Proven effective trunks, especially the Bifidobacterium Longum BB536. Behind this there are numerous studies that show the effectiveness of displacement in the displacement of pathogenic germs and promotion of probio -probe flora, including butyrating production.

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